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Yagya Plant

Means Yagna is the basis of creation of this Universe.

In the Indian culture yagna is the main component. It has been given a very high position in Veds, Ramayana, Mahabharat and historical books. Yagna purifies earth, water, air, energy, the atmosphere (sky) the five elements of universe (Panchatatwa). Human body is also made of these five elements. Hence purification of these elements purifies human bodies. Atoms created as a result of yagna attract clouds which help in raining.

Yagna is an essential part of Vedic religion and culture. Yagna was the primary way of manifestation of religion. In that age their werneither any idols nor any temples to worship God. Human being used to directly interact with God. To express their gratitude towards God human beings started doing prayer and surrender himself before God. Shlokas in Veda are nothing but expression of gratitude and surrender of human being to God. Yagna was performed as a manifestation of the art of gratitude and surrender. One altar was made in which fire is lit. Fire was supposed to be the mouth of all Gods and Goddess and by putting different things (mainly crops) in fire. We are feeding them.

Yajurveda is the main pillar of yagna. It has described all the ways of performing yagna and components needed for yagna and also different types of yagna which should be performed for different purpose. As veda is Apauraseya (not written by one person) eternal and permanent. Yagna is also apauresaya, eternals and permanent.

Yagna is basically performed for the welfare of human being or society. For instance through yagna we pray to Indra and Vayu (air) that it should protect water and air from being polluted otherwise there will be infection, disease and human beings will suffer (Yajurveda).

Yagya performs during 16 sanskar at child birth increase mental health of the child and all the participants. Chaturmas Yagya(Bhaishaj Yagya) is perfomed to cure ill effects on health. This Yagya is perfromed during trasit season as the viruses used to spread heavily during transit sesaon.

The German scientists have also proved from their experiments that the power of Yagya to kill viruses in atmoshphere is one of the cheapest and easy way that has ever been discovered.

Likewise scientists were trying to find the way to cure TB by smelling gas from decades. America has got better results on this subject and has proved that by smelling gas the patient get completely cured in some time. This proves that america also believes in the power of Yagya.

Anytype of Pooja which is done to fulfill wishes whether it is as per Shastra or Tantra can not be completed without Yagya/Dhoop. We all know fire is used by all religions in some or other way to worship God.

While choosing the ingridients for the Yagya apart from their healing power they also make sure that ingridients should have aroma effects, these aroma effects were abosorbed by the participants during Yagya process and provides them healing effects.

Doctors normally prescibed to go to certain mountain as it has got pure, medicinal and aroma air & oxygen for better health. But the people who cant go to the mountain can get same fresh, medicinal and aroma air from Yagya.

Indian Ayurvedacharyas like Dhanvantri, Charak, Sushrut, Bandbhatt etc all have believed that Yagya-Therepy is the best for human beings.

The vanaspaties which we are used to perform Yagya comes from plants and trees, thus in order to perfrom Yagya we should encourage Yagya Plantation.