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Pollution Types & Solutions

Prakriti, Pariyavaran and Vriksharopan

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In ancient times human beings were used to live peaceful and happy life. There were no unnatural sound.

Time changed we modernized. We made progress in science. We invented aircrafts, machines and today machines and the sound as a result have entered in every sphere of human life.

Our sages lived in forests and caves and has contributed to a great extent towards Indian thought which is compiled as Vedas and Upanishads and Puranas. They are our invaluable treasure which no country in the world possess. They were not an academic work but an work of realization. They looked into their innerself and realized these truth. This became possible because they stayed in a totally quiet place away from the hue and cry.

The sound which is unbearable and unnecessary and unnatural is called sound pollution. This has harmful effect on human beings. It decreases our efficiency and affects mental activation.

Scientists have proved that excessive sound creates physical tension. Sound which is more than 100 decibel causes nistegmus and causes vertigo. Due to sound there are ups and downs in blood pressure, breathing speed, pulse rate, intestines become loose, blood circulation changes and it affects muscles of heart also. Nervous system is also damaged. Our mind becomes sensitive and we tend to become annoyed, all the time.

Unit which measures sound is decibel. Many a country has considers 75 85 decibel as the maximum.

Chart of decibel in day to day life

Sound Source
House in village
50 D.B. Maximum
Limited Company Office
60 D.B. Maximum
Ordinary talking
60 D.B. Maximum
80 - 85 D.B. Maximum
Car Horn
85 95 D.B. Maximum
Puch Press
90-105 D.B. Maximum
Spinning Mill
100 D.B. Maximum
Circular Wood cutting machine
100-110 D.B. Maximum
Pneumatic Hammer
120 D.B. Maximum
Jet aircraft
140 D.B. Maximum
Propeller aircraft
150 D.B. Maximum
170 D.B. Maximum

Sound affects the nervous system which causes extra flow of adrenalin hormone. Adrenalin affects our heart function and affects our blood pressure. The affected person is always in tension, mental depression and is always tired. It affects memory and also affects menstruation cycle of women. Loud noise affects our reproductory system.

Control of sound pollution:

Sound is an invisible pollution. We cannot see it,. Neither smell it, nor touch it. It can only be heard. To tackle sound pollution plantation is the best way. We must plant following plants- bargad, badam, piloo, bilwapatra, mahua, kela (banana), pipal. In order to minimize the sound pollution in roads, we should do road side plantation and also develop green islands wherever it is possible.