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Prakriti, Pariyavaran and Vriksharopan

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We are among the leading Greenry, Plantation and Environmental Consultants in North India.

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our clients, we are engaged in providing consultancy of different types of Plantation. Our services are highly recommended amongst the customers for their accuracy.

Our services includes:

Our Speciality

Our Plantation Services includes Flower Tree, Astrological Tree, Aroma Tree, Creepers, Tantra Tree, Vastu Tree, Decorative Trees, Anti-Pollution Trees, Trees for roads and paths, Yagya Trees, Tree of flower for worship, Trees for Temple, Trees for Hospital, Trees for School and Colleges, Trees for Farmhouse, Village Trees, Panchayat Trees, Trees for farming boundry, Trees for cattel feed, Tridhara and Panchvati trees

Method of working and Fee

  • We will buy plants at source, i.e. from the government nursery at the minimum cost.
  • Consultancy
  • Site Supervision and suggestion
  • Time to time visits