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Pollution Types & Solutions

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According to UN survey conducted on 31st October 2011, the population of the world exceeds 7 Billion people.

The country’s in which the population is increasing rapidly are facing social & economical challenges like our own country.

India's population in 1947 was 33 crores and the forest area was 33% and in 2014 the population has grown to 122 crores but the forest area was reduced to 21% (as per India State of Forest Report, 2011). The situation clearly states that we have drastically increased the imbalance between population and forest.

According to economists India shares 17.5 % population of the world while it has only 2.4% of land. We all know that huge population is very subjective because if we have less natural resources our standard of life will low because it won’t be able to fulfill the requirements of all the people.

Due to this reason there will be unemployment, decrease in industrial production & it will affect the strength of the nation.

Instead of treating population as religious and political problem we should take this as a National problem and solve it.

More than 120 crores people in India requires OXYGEN which comes only from PLANTS and TREES, the ratio of which unfortunately is very low, other developed countries are now a days more or less dependent on oxygen mask and we are on the verge of this condition, we should not be dependent on government anymore and should take self initiative and start PLANTATION today to finish this imbalanace of Oxygen and Population.

Neglecting this serious problem will make all of us to hide our faces behind pollution mask. Its time we should take proactive action and grow more and more PLANTS & TREES.