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Rainy season comes once in every year but we need water everyday so human beings has discovered so many ways to preserve the water for whole year. Ponds and well are means created by human beings to preserve the water, it is considered as a holy act in Indian religion.

Today the cleanliness and clean water preservation is also essential for good health, government alone can not do it so it is a duty of every citizen to work in this direction. To conserve the run-off from the field into deep aquifer, adopt the technique of 'Pond on Every Field', Well recharge, Tube well Recharge etc. Declination of water table can be restored to normal level.

The art and science of preservation of rain water is widely prescribed and ancient. India was considered the great preserver of rain water since ancient times, the proof of which can be seen in the form of ponds, pools, wells etc spread in the old palaces. But in modern times due to mismanagement all the precious rain water get drained to sewer and get mixed with sea water. If we If we preserves even 5% of rain water we will be having a huge surplus of 900 million litres of water.

Ponds are the best and natural way to preserve rain water. Plantation surrounding to pond is very important. We should grow herbal plants surrounding to ponds, it will serve two purposes, plant will grip the soil firmly and supports the ponds & most importantly the herbal quality of the plants will brings the herbal quality in ponds water.