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"PLANT & PLANTATION"  by  Dr.Rajendra Kumar Dubey


Our ancestors have realized and told us again and again in different scriptures about how important trees and forests are in our life. Forest is full of treasure of medicinal plants. Ninth chapter of Rigveda is dedicated to king of medicines Somadeva. These medicines give us strength, energy and life. Our civilization is known as ‘Aranya Sanskriti” (civilization of forest) i.e. means our life and everything was around trees and forests.

Our religion also reiterates the same fact, and considers trees as our offsprings .As we bring up our children we must also nurture plants. (Mahabharata Anu Parva-58\31)

It is not only in Hinduism it is found in every religion. Sikhism has told its followers to coexist with the nature, coexist with all human beings. True joy is in community life. Paigamber Mohammad of Muslims advised his followers to save nature. Allah has gifted us trees plants and water but they are limited in quantity. We must use it intelligently and not waste .” Bisnoi community’s Amrita Devi with her 363 followers dedicated their lives for trees, her contribution to nature is very rare in the history of the world.

Plants and trees are extremely useful.” This is a concept which is endorsed from ancient times. Many a trees are coined as holy and was prohibited for the purpose of cutting woods. Matsya Purana says that ‘ one pond is equivalent to 10 wells, one son is equivalent to ten ponds and one tree is equivalent to ten sons. (Eko Vriksha Dashaputranaya samo bhavet ) some times son will dishearten you, but a tree will never . (Dhanya mahiruayebhyo nirasha yanti narthino).

For the worship, yagna-havan, tantra sadhana we need special type of wood, leaves, flower and fruit. This we get from trees related to navagraha (nine planets).