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  • Survey and Exploration of Natural Resources particularly of Forest, Flora, Fauna, Ecosystems etc.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Environment research and development, education, training, information and awareness.
  • Environmental Health.
  • Botanical Survey of India and Botanical Gardens.
  • Matters relating to pounds and cattle trespass.
  • Gaushalas and Gausadans.


"Enrichment of environment through plantation in communion with nature"


"PLANTATION is the most economical way to decorate, energy saving upto 40% and keep your surrounding healthy & green whether it is a residence, commercial place, a college or university, a public place or a society."

Lets take an example:
  • You constructed your house in 1 crore.
  • You took services of architects and interior decoraters and spend almost 50% in decoration.
  • After all this your house may look beautiful but it may lack healthy and energy saving atmosphere and most importantly everything will be artificial.
On the other hand if you spend only 10% on PLANTATION it will not only provide you with positive, healthy(mentally and physically), wealthy and energy saving atmospher but it all will be NATURAL.

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