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Pollution Types & Solutions

Prakriti, Pariyavaran and Vriksharopan

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Brahmin should be concerned of Mental Pollution (Invisible Minute Atmosphere). Brahmin should provide us the way to attain purity of heart and soul. A Brahmin is knowledge, an idea and a thought. It is his duty to pure soul, mind, heart and psyche of the human being.

As per Kurmapurana uttarardha 21/42 "From Yagya a person cures ailments, have self-defence, attain self progress, attain mind strength, become strong from heart and thus from all this he becomes BRAHMIN. And due to this he knows as Intellectual in his society and country from mind point of view."

Today the problem of polluted environment(visible atmosphere) is being widely discussed by individuals. But the adverseness, toxicity and ill effects in the Invisible Atmoshere is totally neglected.

Till the time this invisible wave of pollution is not oriented actually, all the measures done to cure this in full strength will not work. The actual problem is not being addressed properly. All the programmes worked for the welfare of human being eventually turned into ill effects for the society. This problem occurs due to the presence of pollution in invisible atmosphere which has been filled in the atmosphere due to human ill thinking and wasted efforts. The solution to this problem is very essentital for the better future of human beings.

The education which does not manifest the inner possibilities of a person, dosent show the truth of other persons heart is not an education. Out of all these worldy material things one should be able to see the divine and epic creation. The development of heart is very important to bring beauty and calmness in life.