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Home Pollution

"HOME POLLUTION"  by  Dr.Rajendra Kumar Dubey

Domestic Pollution

Usually we are in the habit of throwing things which are not useful to us. We keep our houses spotless clean and throw rubbish outside. These thrown rubbish and rejected articles of our homes makes, our surroundings extremely dirty and pollute environment.

During cleaning our house we not only clean dust we also dispose off things like plastic bags, broken sandals hairpieces, withered leather articles, tyres used cigarette, but bidi pieces, glass pieces of broken glasses, broken plastic goods, rappers of different articles.

Research on this subject has proved that in big cities there is a huge disposal of above mentioned rubbish articles which has taken up pollution level to a very alarming point. It leads to asthma problem. In capital Delhi a study shows that pollution inside home is 60% more then pollution outside. While sweeping housewives breath enough dust to congest their lungs.

Domestic articles like detergent powder, lime, paint, varnish cosmetics, synthetic clothes, cement insecticides, Agarbathi, mosquito repellent agarbatti and expired medicines has tremendous bad effect on our health.