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Creepers Plant

Creepers should be planted in areas like the entrance of construction, windows, fencing and other appropriate places.

Creepers look attractive and have a magnificent aroma, this makes the site gorgeous.

They are low in maintenance and grows in a short period of time. There are more than 150 types of Creepers which can be planted.

Following is the list of some Creepers with their botanical names:-

  • Yellow flower
    (Adenocalymma comosum)
  • Bell flower
    (Allamanda cathertica assorted)
  • Purple Allamanda
    (Allamanda violacea)
  • Bignonia chamberlaynii
    (Anemopaegma chamberlayoii )
  • Bignonia magnifica
    (Arrabidaea magnifica )
  • Grape ivy
    (Cissus rhombifolia )
  • Bleeding heart vine
    (Clerodendrum thompsonae )
  • Bleeding heart vine red
    (Clerodendrum thompsonae "Balfouri" )
  • Indian rubber vine
    (Cryptostegia grandiflora )