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We are living in an era which is known as scientific age. Technology is our theme for development. In the race of modernization we are rejecting our healthy heritage. The author Dr.Rajendra Kumar Dubey Ph.D. in "Enrichment of environment through plantation in communion with nature" document that our ancestors after a long research and on the basis of their realization have prescribed certain rules and regulations which actually aimed at welfare of society and maintenance of balance between nature and civilization. This is the foundation of this book.

The book is divided in three parts, in the first part the author has explained the old era of Natural Beauty, how our sages have rightly thought that we must preserve nature because natural resources are limited. We must use only that much which our mother nature can replace. It was rightly thought that more we maintain balance better it is for the mankind. Our sages have supported preservation of nature through religion. Every act of preservation has been given a name of religious rites. This was their way of balancing nature and human being.

In the second part the author has deeply explained the rising problem of pollution in the modern era. Today pollution is the biggest problem. All these pollutions, their causes and their solution through PLANTATION are documented very beautifully in the book. These pollutions are not only hazardous for Mother Nature but also creating major impact on human health. Following pollutions are covered under the book:

  • Environment Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Pond Pollution
  • Sound Pollution
  • Modern Pollution
  • Chemical Pollution
  • Food Pollution
  • Population
  • Domestic Pollution
  • Migration
  • Mental Pollution

In the third part the author Dr.Rajendra Kumar Dubey has documented the solution for all these problems extensively that how our ancestors has given us the most effective solution thousands of years ago and that is PLANTATION. He has also explained how astrology is deeply associated with nature and vegetation. The importance of nature on human life has scientifically been proved. Every festival is linked up with agriculture. We celebrate sowing time, harvesting time etc. The author has also covered the importance of Earthen Lamp, Yagya and cows in our lives. The following sections were covered in third part:

  • Plants
  • Astrological Plants
  • Tantra Plants
  • Aroma Plants
  • Vastu Plants
  • Earthen Lamp
  • Yagya
  • Cows
  • Conclusion